Software Procedure


Users can request any software that, in their opinion, might run optimally on HPC resources or has a wide user base or is part of a funded collaborative project. MSI software management will make a decision based on number of requests, cost-effectiveness and advantages of having the application software on MSI systems.

  • MSI user fills out a software request form for MSI to purchase a commercial application software.
  • The request will be assigned to an analyst/consultant based on his area of expertise
  • Once request for purchase or renewal of the software have been made, MSI software management will consider functionality of the software, its usage and how well it fits into MSI’s mission.
  • User will be notified of the decision.


At times MSI will decline to acquire software that is appropriate to MSI’s mission but which fails other criteria for commercial or non-commercial acquisition. In such cases, MSI Principal Investigators may decide on their own to pursue individual or group licenses of commercial software, or to acquire and install non-commercial software. MSI will support these users in doing so, including providing installation assistance or managing licensing infrastructure if needed.

User Documentation

Software provided to MSI’s users will be documented online.


Software will be maintained at varying service levels.


MSI software management will be periodically reviewed for continued appropriateness. Software that no longer meets the minimum criteria for acquisition will be retired from MSI systems. When software is proposed for retirement, MSI will notify known or likely users.

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Effective: May 1, 2013