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Characterization and Annotation of Selected Bos Taurus Genes Located in the Male Specific Region (MSY) of the Y Chromosome (BTAY)

This lab's goal is the characterization of bovine Y-chromosome genes to provide a framework on which they will improve their understanding of its role in maleness, spermatogenesis, and embryonic development. Understanding of sequence differences between X-degenerate Y-chromosome genes and their corresponding female X-chromosome encoded paralog genes will allow dissecting specific spatial functional gender differences and provide a tool to identify whether the Y-encoded or the X-encoded gene is being expressed in any particular tissue. To do the latter, the researchers will carry out Iso-Seq long read RNA sequencing of the liver female and male transcriptomes as well as the testes transcriptome. This work will add information to facilitate studies on the origin and evolution of the Y-chromosome in the family Bovidae and other mammalian species. This work emphasizes the characterization of the spatial and temporal expression of bovine Y-chromosome genes to improve its understanding and their genome annotation.

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