Project abstract for group amesmm


Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Anticancer and Other Therapeutic Agents

This population pharmacokinetic modeling project is being conducted in support of completed and ongoing clinical trials conducted by the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center. Pharmacokinetic data obtained from preclinical and Phase 0–III studies are utilized to develop comprehensive compartmental models that describe the pharmacokinetic behavior of investigational drugs and their metabolites. MSI resources are used for population-based analyses of complex models and large datasets as the underlying calculations are computationally intensive and require the simultaneous use of several processors. The population-based models are developed through the use of the software program NONMEM and are utilized to quantify the pharmacokinetic variability exhibited between study subjects. Depending on the available data, correlations between pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic outcomes will also be investigated. Taken as a whole, the intent of this investigation is to utilize the population pharmacokinetic modeling approach to ascertain the influence of clinically relevant and measurable factors on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of anticancer and other therapeutic agents with the ultimate goal of improving drug dosing guidelines on the individual patient level.