Project abstract for group armitage

Structure/Function of Biomolecules; Metabolomics

These researchers are using MSI resources for two projects. In the first, they use multi-nuclear/dimensional NMR methods to forge new inroads into the following areas: the structure and metal exchange properties of proteins involved in the maintenance of metal homeostasis in vivo; and structural/functional studies of select molecules involved in Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers use the BSCL to process the multidimensional NMR datasets, to calculate the three-dimensional structures of the biomolecules, and to visualize those calculated structures.

The second project has three components: use of NMR methods for metabolic profiling in neurological disorders that involve differentially activated microglia and astrocytes (in collaboration with J.R. Lokensgard, P.K. Peterson, and G.L. Wilcox); use of NMR to compare a set of nociceptive-relevant salivary biomarkers from a clinical sample of pediatric patients with cerebral palsy (CP) with and without pain (in collaboration with F.J. Symons and G.L. Wilcox); and use of NMR methods for metabolic profiling in TNF-alpha treated adipocytes and in the serum from high-fat and low-fat-fed mice, both wildtype and AFABP knockout, as well as ob/obs mice, with a specific focus on branch chain amino acides (BCAA) and dysfunction in the BCAA metabolism pathway (in collaboration with D.A. Behnlohr). 

Both of these projects make extensive use of the Chenomx software in BSCL for the assignment of the metabolite 1H NMR spectra.

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