Project abstract for group arriagae

Quatitating Mitophy in Skeletal Muscle Models

Mitophagy is a specialized form of macroautophagy responsible for removal of non-functional mitochondria from the cell. Given the prominent role that mitochondria play in oxidative stress, it has been suggested that mitophagy is critical to protein turnover in skeletal muscle. It is currently impossible to determine how each form of autophagy, including mitophagy, contributes to protein turnover. The immediate goal of this project is to identify organelle-specific proteome changes in abundance, carbonylation and ubiquitination that are associated with changes in mitophagy flux. Computational resources will be used identify and validate the protein hits corresponding to each proteome and to quantitate their differences. The project will put particular emphasis on the identification and post-translational modification of autophagosomal, mitochondrial and autolysosomal proteins as the researchers believe that this subset of proteins is critical to provide a proteomic perspective to mitophagy. Lastly, selected proteins will be tested for biological relevance and function. 

A bibliography of this group’s publications acknowledging MSI is attached.