Project abstract for group barocasv

Multiscale Biomechanics and Biotransport

The Barocas group is engaged in what they call "the materials science of tissue. They develop computational models of the mechanical behavior of tissues, including native tissues (aortic aneurysm, glomerular capillary, facet capsular ligament) and engineered tissues, as well as peform fundamental studies of the behavior of fiber networks. Much of this work involves an in-house multiscale finite element code that allows simulation of large tissues with complex shape and heterogeneous architecture in terms of the local microstructure within each element. The researchers have recently shown that under certain conditions, this modeling approach can be used not only for prefailure behavior but also for failure behavior, and they continue to develop methods for both prefailure and failure problems. Another key area is the interaction of multiple components in a tissue, particularly in cases in which the structure and compostition both contribute to the macroscopic properties. The group is also interested in problems that involve fluid-structure interaction and through fibrous tissues.

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