Project abstract for group barocasv

Multiscale Models of Soft Tissue Mechanics

The Barocas group uses a multiscale approach to simulate the mechanical behavior of soft tissues, including large and small blood vessels, ligaments, skin, and collagen-based artificial tissues. In all cases, the essential strategy involves a combination of two goals: (1) to determine how the underlying tissue structure determines the behavior of the tissue as a whole, and (2) to determine how information from the large-scale deformation is transmitted to the microscopic scale, possibly leading to failure or remodeling of the fibers and/or to stresses on cells or multicellular structures embedded within the tissue. The group's approach involves solving a representative micro-scale problems (typically a network of 500-1000 interconnected fibers) at each integration point in the macroscopic-scale finite element model. These computations are extremely demanding but also flexible and easily performed in parallel, so the researchers are able to take full advantage of the MSI high-performance resources.

A bibliography for papers acknowledging MSI resources is attached.