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Understanding Bortezomib Resistance

It is well documented that among subgroups of B-ALL, the genetic profile of the leukemic blasts has significant impact on prognosis and stratification for therapy. Recent studies have documented the power of microarrays to screen genome-wide for copy number aberrations (CNAs) and regions of copy number neutral loss of heterozygosity (CNLOH) that are not detectable by G-banding or FISH. Findings identified by array include the co-occurrence of low and high risk abnormalities not previously reported to coexist within a clone, novel regions of chromosomal amplification, clones characterized by numerous whole chromosome LOH that do not meet criteria for doubling of a near-haploid, and characterization of array profiles associated with IKZF1 deletion. This group uses MSI resources that allow them to visualize the array findings using Cirocs, which they have installed on MSI computer space

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