Project abstract for group frenshie

Interaction Between Unbonded Post-Tensioned Rocking Wall and Surrounding Structural Systems

To investigate the interaction between rocking wall systems and surrounding structural systems in buildings, two assemblages were designed to maximize (Specimen PFS1) and minimize (Specimen PFS2) the interactions between the rocking wall system and surrounding structural systems. Specimen PFS1 consisted of a rocking wall that carried gravity loads (i.e., bearing wall), gravity columns, and a cast-in-place (CIP) unbonded post-tensioned floor system to promote the interaction with the wall. PFS1 also featured energy dissipating elements - “O-connectors” - that were attached between the rocking wall and adjacent side tubes pinned at the base block. Specimen PFS2 was entirely precast and designed to minimize the interaction. It consisted of a rocking wall (non-bearing wall) that transferred only lateral loads, precast columns, and a precast floor system formed by solid planks. A unique connector system provided lateral load transfer between the floor and the rocking wall, eliminating the vertical interaction between the two systems. The system also featured rocking columns adjacent to the rocking walls that supported the gravity loads from the precast planks and anchored one end of an O-connector.

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