Project abstract for group frenshie

Time-Dependent Modeling of I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge

Better understanding and sound predictions of the behavior of post-tensioned concrete structures are critical towards the development and implementation of long-term maintenance strategies for these systems. Data collected from the structural monitoring system installed on the I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge (also known as the I-35W Bridge) allows the investigation of loading, thermal effects, and time-dependent characteristics in a post-tensioned box structure over a number of years. The development of finite element models validated with measurements from the instrumented bridge can facilitate predictions of long-term bridge behavior. Finite element methodology has been developed to investigate the temperature-dependent behavior, time-dependent behavior, and interactions between temperature and time. Results from the finite element models are compared to measured data from the bridge to better understand the long-term performance of the structure, and to aid in the development of a prototype monitoring program.