Project abstract for group gantts


The Genome and Transcriptome of the White-Rot Fungus Trametes cingulata

The production of large amounts of biofuel from plants depends on our ability to produce simple sugars from the lignocellulose material that composes the bulk of plant biomass. The enzymatic digestibility of cellulose, a polymer of the sugar glucose, increases as lignin levels are reduced in the lignocellulose material. The white-rot fungus Trametes cingulata secretes an enzyme, lignin depolymerase, that oxidizes lignin as part of it wood-degrading lifestyle. This research group has partially characterized this enzymatic activity and has identified candidate proteins encoded in and expressed by the T. cingulata genome. This genome transcriptome sequence data will facilitate future studies on the evolution, physiology, biochemistry, and ecology of T. cingulata, in particular, and white-rot fungi in general. These studies will firmly establish T. cingulata as a principal research organism in the development of biofuels.