Project abstract for group garricks

Modeling and Simulation of Turbulent Flows

The Garrick group is interested in the modeling and simulation of turbulent, reacting, multi-phase, multi-scale flows. These flows are of great research interest because of their presence in a variety of engineering problems, including engines, coatings, food processing, and drug synthesis. Successful use and control of sprays requires a thorough physical understanding of primary atomization. However, sprays and atomization are still not fully understood due to the complexity of the underlying processes. Experimental and physical techniques have difficulty exploring the dense, three-dimensional, highly turbulent zone where primary atomization occurs or in the case of nano-particle flows, where the length and time-scales are not probable by physical means. An alternative approach is numerical simulation. These researchers develop numerical techniques and physical/mathematical models to represent a variety of multi-phase, multi-scale phenomena.

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