Project abstract for group girshick

Modeling of Nanodusty Plasmas

These researchers are developing computational models of gas plasmas in which nanoparticles nucleate and grow. Their main interest is in the types of plasmas used for industrial applications such as semiconductor processing and materials synthesis. The group's primary focus is on the development of numerical models to simulate the spatiotemporal evolution of such plasmas, including the nucleation, growth, charging and transport of nanoparticles, and the effect of the nanoparticle aerosol on the plasma behavior. They are improving a 1D model of a two-parallel plates capacitively-coupled RF plasma that has been developed in the group. The main goal is to tailor nanoparticle size and flux to the substrate located at the bottom electrode. Experiments are done at the LPICM group in Paris, France. In addition, this group collaborates with the Kushner group from the University of Michigan to develop a 2D model of a capacitively-coupled RF plasma used for the synthesis of silicon nanocrystals in which a mixture of Ar:SiH4 flows through a narrow quartz tube. 

A Research Spotlight about this group's work appeared on the MSI website in March 2014.

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