Project abstract for group girshick

Numerical Modeling of Nanodusty Plasma

These researchers are developing computational models of gas plasmas in which nanoparticles nucleate and grow. Their main interest is in the types of plasmas used for industrial applications such as semiconductor processing and materials synthesis. The group's primary focus is on the development of numerical models to simulate the spatiotemporal evolution of such plasmas, including the nucleation, growth, charging and transport of nanoparticles, and the effect of the nanoparticle aerosol on the plasma behavior. In the near term they expect to focus on topics that include the relationship between the nanoparticle phase and nonequilibrium electron kinetics of the plasma; the chemistry of particle nucleation and growth; the use of plasma pulsing to control properties of the aerosol produced; and the extension of our model to several different types of plasma systems used for nanoparticle synthesis. 

A bibliography of this group’s publications acknowledging MSI is attached.