Project abstract for group grayw0

Transcriptional Profiling of CSN Subunit Mutants

The COP9 signalosome complex (CSN) regulates numerous aspects of plant growth and development, including auxin response. The only known biochemical function of the CSN is the removal of the RUB/NEDD8 modifier from cullin subunits of E3 ubiquitin ligases. These researchers have isolated mutations in the CSN1 and CSN3 subunits of the CSN in genetic screens for auxin response mutants. Surprisingly, on the csn1-10 mutant exhibits defects in RUB/NEDD8 isopeptidase activity, suggesting that the csn3-3 mutation defines a novel function for the CSN complex in auxin signaling. This project will compare the transcriptomes of these mutants following mock and auxin treatments.

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