Project abstract for group gulliver

Mass Transport

These researchers are involved in two projects that use MSI:

  • Infiltration into Roadside Drainage Ditches: Roadside drainage ditches are not given pollution prevention credit for the full amount of water that they infiltrate. The objective of this project is to determine the pollution prevention credit that these drainage ditches deserve. The researchers are currently studying the fingering that occurs when a small storm runs into a drainage ditch, and anticipate the need to perform some computations on the infiltration that occurs from a finger of flow over the side of a drainage ditch with different types of soils. Some of the best information comes from these simulations, because the character of the soil and the boundary conditions can be specified.
  • Turbulence in an Oscillating Grid Chamber: The research focus is turbulent velocities close to a free surface, where experimental measurements are difficult. This is the region that has the predominant influence upon gas transfer. Calculations are performed with the open-source software package OpenFOAM using a Volume of Fluid numerical method and large eddy simulation. The experiments have been completed, and the conditions of the experiments will be used in the simulation to determine some parameters of the flow field that cannot be measured.

A Research Spotlight about this PI's work appeared in March 2016.

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