Project abstract for group guzinab

Full-Waveform Imaging of Solid by Way of Acoustic and Elastic Waves

This project investigates and develops advanced tools to deal with the inverse scattering of acoustic/elastic waves in the high-frequency regime, where the wave length of the probing disturbance is small relative to other length scales, e.g. probable defects, in the problem. The main focus of this project is the reconstruction of the obstacle geometry as well as the interface characteristics at the intersection of the reference medium and obstacle via a non-invasive boundary-induced disturbance and measurement. The proposed method provides a robust framework for defect identification, e.g. micro-cracks, in materials of different nature, e.g. fluid, solid, soft tissue. Undoubtedly, the computational power that MSI offers paves the way for further developments and progress where the research can be conducted on the real three-dimensional situations; therefore, the featured inverse scattering problem can be treated in a rigorous manner. A comprehensive 3D imaging of materials by means of the proposed frameworks of e.g. Topological derivative and Linear Sampling in this project will definitely be of use in various disciplines and areas such as defense applications; extraction of energy, minerals, and water, and medical diagnosis. 

A bibliography of this group’s publications acknowledging MSI is attached.