Project abstract for group hananys

Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Mission Simulation and Analysis

This research group is analyzing data from the E and B EXperiment (EBEX), a NASA-funded balloon-borne polarimeter designed to measure the polarization of the cosmic microwave background and to develop methods for subtraction of foreground sources from these data. The measurements promise to yield strong constraints on the physics of the Big Bang. EBEX completed its first science flight circumnavigating Antarctica in January 2013, collecting nearly 1 TB of of raw data. This group will carry out detailed simulations of the experiment, with the goal of constraining systematic uncertainties, process the raw time-domain data into high sensitivity images of the sky, and separate the sky images to their underlying components, namely a part that originates at the big bang, and a part due to galactic emission. 

This PI’s research was featured in an MSI Research Spotlight in March 2015.

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