Project abstract for group hananys

Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Mission Simulation and Analysis

These researches are continuing to use MSI supercomputing resources to understand the polarization properties of the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB). The CMB is an electromagnetic radiation that is a relic remnant from the Big Bang that permeates the universe. By learning the properties of the CMB researchers probe the origin and evolution of the universe. Theoretical models of the Big Bang suggest that the polarization properties of the CMB encode information about physical processes that have occurred as short as 10-30 second after the Big Bang.

EBEX is a NASA funded balloon-borne experiment that is designed to measure the polarization of the CMB. The Hanany group leads this international collaboration, which includes several more groups in north America and Europe. EBEX had its first science flight Dec 2012 / Jan 2013 circumnavigating Antarctica. They collected nearly 1 TB of raw data. The collaboration is now in the midst of the data analysis process. MSI supercomputing resources will be used to improve the end-to-end analysis pipeline with simulation and apply the pipeline to our actual flight data to produce scientific results.

This PI’s research was featured in an MSI Research Spotlight in March 2015.

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