Project abstract for group harrisr

Genomic Investigations of APOBEC Proteins and Their Role in Cancer

The APOBEC family of DNA deaminase proteins provides a broad defense against various endogenous and exogenous viruses and transposable elements. This defense system appears specific to mammals and the number of proteins between mammalian lineages varies tremendously. These researchers have shown that APOBEC proteins, mainly APBEC3B, play a role in tumor development in many cancers. They are using the bioinformatics tools available at MSI to assemble sequencing data from sequencing projects in their lab, TCGA primary RNAseq and exome sequencing data from around 5,000 tumor samples, and other sequencing data from large-scale sequencing projects and to perform bioinformatics analyses of the resulting data. They are also using structural data analysis tools for analyzing structures and generating images for presentations.

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