Project abstract for group hegera

Type I X-Ray Bursts and Superbursts

These researchers are simulating hydrodynamic instabilities and turbulence in Type I X-ray bursts using the one-dimensional turbulence model (ODT). Type I X-ray bursts result from the thermonuclear runaway of fuel accreted onto the surface of a neutron star in binary star system. A certain subtype of these bursts, photospheric radius expansion bursts, can be used to determine the radius of the neutron star and thereby the mass-radius relation of neutron stars, leading to knowledge bout the nuclear equation of state in a regime of density and temperature that is not accessible to experiment otherwise. ODT is a statistical model for turbulence and this group typically needs to compute several thousand realizations to get a good sampling of the instability. They plan to run about five different physical setups to cover a range of interesting cases. 

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