Project abstract for group hogancj

Particle Science and Technology

This group's research is broadly focused on the physics and chemistry governing aerosols (particles/droplets laden gas flows) as well as the application of aerosol technology in developing new methods to characterization nanoparticle size, shape, and surface properties. Specific projects include:

  • The application of high resolution differential mobility analysis-mass spectrometry (DMA-MS) to examine heterogeneous vapor uptake by nanometer scale clusters. This project uses density functional theory to predict the structures of cluster ions for comparison to measurements.
  • The development of a drift tube ion mobility spectrometer (DT-IMS) for the rapid analysis of 1-20 nm particles. This project uses multiphysics software packages to design improved drift tube ion mobility spectrometers.
  • The development of nebulization technologies and utilization aerosol size spectrometers to examined protein binding to nanoparticles. This project uses constant number Monte Carlo simulations to model the evolution of nanoparticle size distributions due to aggregation.
  • The development of electrostatic precipitation-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for organic aerosol chemical analysis. This project again uses multiphysics to design improved ionization schemes.
  • The development of data inversion routines for coupled mobility-mass analysis of aerosol particles. This project uses MSI hardware to run data inversion routines.

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