Project abstract for group iaizzop

Computational Modeling of the Cardiac Cycle and Ablation / Hibernation Physiology

These researchers are involved in two projects using MSI:

  • Computational Modeling of the Cardiac Cycle and Ablation: This projects continues investigations into the cardiac cycle from 3D/4D echocardiography, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and creates computational models of these cycles. In addition, the researchers are creating predictions based on these models in addition to the electrophysiology to identify predictive outcomes for certain site ablations. They will create these predictions based on data they have previously collected on the mechanical changes during/after ablation (cryo and radiofrequency) and observed clinical outcomes.
  • Hibernation Physiology: The researchers are studying hibernation physiology in the American black bear. They collect plasma from the bears during hibernation in order to study the lipid profile of the black bears. They use MSI to review the data using something like a lipid blast to identify the lipid profile. In addition, they have collected almost a years worth of temperature, impedance, and ECG data from these bears that they are using MSI to process.  

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