Project abstract for group isaacson

Metagenomic Analysis of Human Lung and Pig Intestines

Antibiotics have been extensively used for the past five decades as growth promoters in animal production. The mechanisms whereby antibiotics are able to act as growth promoters remain unknown. However, it is likely that growth promotion is a result of controlling bacterial growth in the intestinal tract or selection of specific bacterial populations in the intestinal tracts of animals. This project was developed because of concerns that the use of growth promoters will be reduced or eliminated in the future. The overall objectives of this research are to use a molecular epidemiologic approach to determine whether eliminating the use of antibiotic growth promoters improves or reduces the health of swine, and whether antibiotic growth promoters mediate their effects by alteration microflora. The researchers also are examining the effect of pathogenic bacteria on the gut microbiome. Finally, they are analyzing the composition of the human lung microbiome. Data has been generated by software available through MSI such as pyrosequencing or Illumia HiSeq, and the data have been analyzed using MSI supercomputing resources and with the help of the user support group.

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