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Simulation Studies of Astrophysical Plasmas: Magnetohydrodynamics on Cosmic Scales

This group's computational program at MSI centers on high fidelity fluid dynamics simulations that address current and fundamental astrophysical problems, especially those involving the physics of cosmic plasmas. Most of the group's simulations use magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) codes - including other important physics, such as self-gravity, radiative energy balance and cosmic ray transport - developed in this group. They are designed and tested to show exceptional single processor performance and near-ideal scaling in parallel computation on systems at least as large as Mesabi. Much of the group's effort the past couple of years has gone into code development, as they moved to build codes that can address some very large and challenging problems.

The group is working on three specific projects: 

  • High Resolution Cosmology Simulations: Carry out exploratory cluster formation simulations on Mesabi using the Jones group's new WOMBAT (hybrid OpenMP/MPI) code.
  • Simulations of Active Galaxy Jets in Galaxy Clusters: Perform ten one-billion zone simulations using WOMBAT in order to define the bounds of the associated parameter space.
  • Simulations of Cluster Radio Halos and Relics: Fifteen planned simulations that will involve colliding galaxy clusters using around 20 million smoothed-particle hydrodynamics and dark matter particles.

A Research Spotlight about this work appeared on the MSI website in October 2014.

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