Project abstract for group koesters

Atomistic Simulations of Tunneling Field Effect Transistors

This project carries out atomistic simulations of novel semiconductor-based devices using the Atomistix ToolKit (ATK) software. This group is investigating a novel type of transistor called a tunneling field effect transistor (TFET), that has the potential to out-perform standard MOSFETs for advanced logic applications. These devices require quantum transport simulation as well as atomistic band structure calculations, which the ATK simulator provides. The goal of the work is to use ATK to optimize the design of these devices by mid-2013, so that work can commence on experimentally demonstrating their operation. This work will entail: performing equilibrium simulations to observe the band structure of the device; performing calibrations against published results on similar devices; and performing simulations of the current-voltage characteristics of the various TFET device structures to determine the design for optimal performance. These last simulations require multiple calculations at different voltages, and thus require supercomputing resources.