Project abstract for group mauer

Microarray and Seq-RNA  Studies of Skin Fibroblasts in Type I Diabetes Diabetic Nephropathy

The Mauer laboratory is continuing with gene expression research studies using microarray and RNA-seq methods. Previous work has included analysis of the Affymetrix microarray data from pairs of MZ Twins discordant for type 1 diabetes (T1D). The group has also run Illumina RNA-seq assays on nine pairs of MZ Twins discordant T1D under high and low glucose conditions, using MSI resources such as Galaxy and additional genomic software programs to analyze this data. They also have RNA-seq mRNA sequencing data from University of Minnesota Genomics Center Core facility on 100 human skin fibroblast and 100 LCL samples from a JDRF (GoKind) diabetic cohort, and have gone through an initial analysis. In addition, preliminary microarray experiments have been run on the nine twin pairs for miRNAs, which can act as negative regulators of gene expression. Eventually, the researchers would like to run these miRNA samples using the Illumina small RNAseq assay. They continue to use computer and software resources available at MSI such as Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, Genedata Expressionist Modules, and other recently available programs. 

A bibliography of this group’s publications acknowledging MSI is attached.