Project abstract for group mayok


Protein Dynamics in Galectins and Chemokines

Galectins and chemokines are relatively small proteins (7kDa to 15kDa as monomers) that form generally dimers. Both are ubiquitous in vivo and are active at mediating cell adhesion and migration to the extracellular matrix and/or to other cells. Because of this, they play important roles in normal biology, as well as in pathological disorders like cancer, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases. The Mayo lab has been interested for some time in studying the internal motions in these proteins and how ligand/carbohydrate bindings influences these dynamic properties and vice versa. The Mayo lab performs NMR spectroscopy and relaxation-based experiments to study this experimentally, and performs MD simulations to complement these biophysical NMR studies and provide information on dynamic states that can not be explored experimentally, e.g. half-loaded lignad bound states. This work will also impact on the development of novel pharmaceutical drugs that can mediate protein structure and dynamics.