Project abstract for group mccuem

Equine Genetics and Genomics

These researchers are using MSI for several projects. The first set of projects involves genome-wide association studies (GWAS) on datasets generated from the SNP genotyping arrays. They are using variants discovered from whole genome sequence (WGS) to impute from low density (54,000) to higher density ~500,000 variants for GWAS. This work is being done on MSI computers.

The researchers are also using whole-genome sequence data to discover novel variants for follow-up after GWAS for four different phenotypes. They are also developing new SNP genotyping arrays for the horse (both a 2 million and 670 thousand arrays). MSI resources are used for the analysis of genotyping data from test populations.

The researchers also have three different projects where they are using RNA-seq for transcriptome and gene expression analysis.

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