Project abstract for group mccullou

The Effect of Health IT on Quality and Modeling Persistent Health Behaviors

These researchers are involved in two projects using MSI. 

  • The Effect of Health IT (HIT) on Quality: Health information technology (IT) adoption, it is argued, will dramatically improve patient care. The researchers are studying the impact of hospital IT adoption on patient outcomes focusing on the roles of technological and organizational complements in affecting IT's value and explore underlying mechanisms through which IT facilitates the coordination of labor inputs. They link detailed hospital discharge data on Medicare fee-for-service admissions to detailed hospital-level IT adoption information. They are employing a difference-in-differences strategy to identify the parameters of interest while allowing for heterogeneous treatment effects. For all IT sensitive conditions, they find that health IT adoption reduces mortality for the most complex patients but does not affect outcomes for the median patient. This implies that the benefits from IT adoption are skewed to large institutions with a severe case mix. The researchers decompose the impact of health IT into care coordination, clinical information management, and other components. The benefits from health IT are primarily experienced by patients whose diagnoses require cross-specialty care coordination and extensive clinical information management.
  • Modeling Persistent Health Behaviors - The Health Consequences of Pharmaceutical Advertising: This study measures the effect of pharmaceutical advertising on clinical behavior and quality. Econometric techniques are used to measure the short-run dynamic effect of advertising on statin prescribing and resultant changes in health. The researchers then simulate the long-run consequences of these short-run dynamic effects. They find that advertising increases patients’ cardiovascular health and is welfare enhancing.


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