Project abstract for group morsedc

Computational Polymer Physics

This research focuses on fundamental aspects of equilibrium and dynamical behavior in complex polymer liquids. The researchers use molecular dynamics to study phase transitions, correlations and dynamics in block copolymer melts, and the use of block copolymer surfactants. Recent work on symmetric diblock copolymers, with two blocks of equal length, has given a very precise description of correlations in the disordered phase and of the universal phenomenology of the phase transition between the disordered and ordered layered (smectic) ordered phase. Over the next year, the researchers plan to map the phase diagram for asymmetric block copolymers, which form a variety of other ordered phases, with a particular emphasis on the order-disorder transition for highly asymmetric sphere-forming diblock copolymers. Planned work on the use of block copolymes as surfactants will focus on the dynamics of adsorption to liquid-liquid interfaces from micellar solutions. 

A bibliography of this group’s publications acknowledging MSI is attached.