Project abstract for group muehlbau

Genomics of Barley, Wheat, Maize, and Soybean 

These researchers use resources at MSI to study aspects of the barley, wheat, soybean, and maize genomes, the barley/wheat-Fusarium graminaerum interaction, and barley and maize meristems. The group is involved in several projects:

  • Examining the gene expression profiles of barley and wheat during infection with Fusarium graminearum.
  • Using laser capture microdissection RNA-seq to examine the gene expression patterns in the barley shoot apical and axillary meristems.
  • Using sequence data from mapping populations in wheat and its relatives to assemble and map these genomes.
  • Examining gene expression and developing gene co-expression networks of genes expressed in maize shoot apical meristems.
  • Using sequence data to identify genes controlling shoot and root architecture.
  • Examining recombination and gene conversion in barley populations. 

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