Project abstract for group perggran

Blue Earth River Collaborative

This group is involved in a collaborative project with the goal of developing a consensus for reducing sediment loading in the Greater Blue Earth River watershed. We will develop: a sediment budget for the Greater Blue Earth watershed for background, current, and future conditions; a sediment simulation model responding to changes in land use, climate, and management actions; and decision analysis tools to evaluate alternatives for reducing sediment loading. At the heart of the project is a collaborative of local, state, and industry stakeholders with whom the researchers will apply the simulation model and decision tools in seeking management and monitoring actions most likely to produce detectable changes in sediment loading, guiding adaptive management. This will establish a basis for continued collaborative planning in the Minnesota River Basin. This research is a new expansion of a project the Gran group has been working on for the past four years in the Le Sueur River basin, developing an integrated sediment budget for that basin. MSI resources were used for the Le Sueur River project to store and transfer large datasets between researchers. The kinds of data being shared include aerial lidar topographic data, aerial photographs, streamlines, watershed boundaries, land use/land cover data, and derivatives of those datasets (slope, aspect, upstream drainage area, stream power, bluff maps, ravine maps and inventories, etc.). 

A bibliography of this group’s publications acknowledging MSI is attached.