Project abstract for group riedlj


GroupLens research develops and evaluates personalization algorithms. In particular, the researchers are interested in collaborative filtering algorithms, a class of recommendation algorithm that predicts and recommends for users based on their history of evaluations as compared to other users. They use MSI resources to run algorithmic simulations in parallel in a manner that we are unable to do with conventional computing resources.

In Memoriam: MSI is sorry to note that MSI Principal Investigator Professor John Riedl passed away on July 15, 2013 at the age of 51. He had battled cancer for three years.

Professor Riedl was a pioneer in the field of recommender systems. These are the information systems that “recommend” an item, such as a book or movie, based on previous choices. Professor Riedl was internationally recognized for this work and received numerous awards. An obituary of Professor Riedl appears on the College of Science and Engineering website.

MSI staff extend their deepest condolences to Professor Riedl’s family, friends, and colleagues.