Project abstract for group rousem

Wheat Stem Rust Resistance Genetic Dissection

Wheat stem rust has historically caused epidemics worldwide. New variants of the wheat stem rust pathogen threaten worldwide wheat production. This group has several projects to dissect the genetics of stem rust resistance in wheat and barley. One project involves the analysis of rust-host transcriptome RNAseq data to identify genes in the host that are manipulated by the pathogen. The researchers are seeking to modify these host "susceptibiilty" genes as a novel way to construct resistance. Another project involves the identification of a wheat gene by using RNAseq on resistant and susceptible bulk DNAs to rapidly identify this gene in the 17 GB wheat genome. The researchers also use MSI resources to map wheat stem rust resistance genes segregating in biparental populations in which they have genotypic data for over 80,000 SNP markers

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