Project abstract for group saarmo

Geothermal Energy and Geofluids

This group conducts quantitative research in geophysical fluid dynamics on multi-phase, multi-component, reactive fluid and energy transfer in the subsurface. The main focus of this project is to study CO2 based geothermal systems in which CO2 is injected into the subsurface to enhance the extraction of geothermal energy from the subsurface. These studies involve the modeling of fluid, heat ,and reactive flow in the subsurface along with the changes in porosity and permeability changes that occur with in the reservoir due to reaction using various numerical simulators like TOUGH2MP, TOUGHREACT, and PFLOTRAN.

The group is also interested in the characterization of petro, physical, and chemical properties such as contact angle and surface tension coefficient measurements, by conducting simulations at pore scale using Lattice-Boltzmann simulations (LBHydra).

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