Project abstract for group sachsjn

Biophysics of Parkinsons and Cancer

These researchers are continuing using MSI resources for three projects concerning membrane proteins.

  • Investigation of how alpha-Synuclein, a protein involved in Parkinson’s disease, alters the mechanical properties of synaptic vesicles. This research involves coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations that will be among the largest ever published. This work will build on recent publications.
  • Studies of the conformational dynamics of Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptors using potential of mean force calculations. This work will also build on recently published research.
  • Simulations of a series of proteins, including alpha-Synuclein and Calmodulin in both oxidized and unoxidized states. This project involves longtime-scale all-atom MD simulations and involves University of Minnesota and MSI collaborators (Jiali Gao and William Pomerantz, both Department of Chemistry).

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