Project abstract for group samac

Metagenomic Analysis of the Microbial Communities Associated With Alfalfa Roots in Rotation With Major Crops in Minnesota

These researchers are analyzing Illumina MySeq data from sequencing amplicons from bacterial and fungal DNA isolated from rhizosphere soil and bulk soil for three separate but related projects:

  • Soil was isolated from three locations in Minnesota from plots with alfalfa plants with different root architectures and different fertility treatments.
  • Soil was isolated from three Long Term Agricultural Research sites in Minnesota with six different crop rotations. The researchers are exploring sampling methods to identify the most robust methods for characterizing soil communities.
  • Soil was isolated from the rhizosphere of alfalfa plants after one or two years of growth to determine the changes that occur in community structure over time. A better understanding of the rhizosphere microbial communities will lead to novel strategies to harness the power of these communities to produce healthier and more robust crops with fewer inputs.

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