Project abstract for group songcc

Large Scale Computation of "Large Re-Small M" Industrial and Environmental Flows

This research group is engaged in the development of large-scale flow computation methods and computer codes for scientific and engineering applications. It deals with complex industrial and environmental subsonic turbulent flows. In recent years, the group has been developing computer codes for unsteady flows with and without ventilation. For the past two years the code has been applied to simulate and help design a new Low Noise Cavitation Tunnel for the Republic of Korea. Comparison of the numerical results agreed very well with the data taken from a physical model confirming the usefulness of the code. It was noted that the flow at modest Reynolds number corresponding to the physical model flow, the flow can be either laminar or turbulent depending the initial condition assumed for the simulation. During this period, additional work will be carried out to study in more detail the effect of initial and other conditions on the flow in the transitional range of Reynolds number.