Project abstract for group sotiropo

High-Resolution Numerical Simulations of Environmental, Renewable Energy, and Biological Flows

The Computational Hydrodynamics and Biofluids Group at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory is developing high resolution, fluid-structure interaction CFD models. These models are used for a wide variety of simulations, including: physiologic blood flow in mechanical heart valves implanted in patient-specific anatomies; self-propelled aquatic swimming; flow past wind and hydrokinetic turbines; and turbulent flow and sediment transport in natural rivers with nature and man-made structures. The numerical algorithms integrate overset chimera grids with a versatile sharp-interface immersed boundary method for handling arbitrarily complex geometries with multiple moving immersed bodies. Both loose and strongly coupled fluid structure interaction algorithms have been developed and validated. The computer code has been parallelized with MPI.

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