Project abstract for group stechhw


Computational Modeling of the Interacting Effects of CO2 and O3 on Forest Ecosystems

ECOPHYS is a large-scale simulation model for predicting the growth of tree stands subjected to the environmental conditions anticipated during the next century. The model maintains an architecturally correct representation of each leaf of each stand member, and relies on a detailed computational sub-model that computes the hourly light energy intercepted by each leaf. ECOPHYS takes as input hourly environmental data including CO2, O3, temperature, light intensity, and relative humidity. The model estimates daily leaf-specific photosynthate production and uses process-based submodels of tree growth/damage to predict tree dimensional and biomass growth over a time interval of up to 15 years. Current research focuses on the calibration of the ECOPYHS model, comparing the results of small patch size simulations (one processor per tree) to experimental data from the plant physiology literature.