Project abstract for group steffenb

Molecular Mapping of Disease Resistance Genes in Wild Cereal Progenitors

Wild barley and wheat have not been fully exploited in breeding programs. The long-term goal of this project is to develop, through comparative genomic analysis, efficient methods for exploiting allelic diversity in wild cereal progenitors for cultivated cereal improvement. These researchers have phenotyped large core collections of wild cereal progenitors for resistance to six important diseases at both the seedling and adult plant stages. The same germplasm was genotyped with various molecular markers that span the genomes. These data are being analyzed to measure genetic diversity, facilitate comparative genomic assessments of wild and cultivated cereals, select genetically unique accessions with broad based resistance, and test the feasibility of association mapping for identifying genomic regions contributing to important phenotypes in wild and cultivated cereals. These data can be used to hasten the development of adapted cereal cultivars with enhanced disease resistance, which will help alleviate food shortages worldwide.

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