Project abstract for group stuparr

Soybean Genome, Exome, and RNA-seq Projects

These researchers have six current projects that use MSI resources, each of which are based on next-generation sequencing data. Each of these projects requires read mapping to the soybean reference genome and downstream analyses:

  • Identifying and annotating genetic mutations in soybean based on whole exome re-sequencing data from ten soybean genotypes and whole exome sequence data from four soybean genotypes.
  • Studying the dynamics or gene expression regulation following F1 hybridization using RNA-seq data from inbred and hybrid soybean lines.
  • Mapping the chromosomal locations of specific mutations by comparing the sequenced genomic DNA of pooled mutant versus pooled wild-type individuals segregating in F2 populations.
  • Identifying the structural variation using whole genome re-sequencing data.
  • Identifying deleterious SNPs in barley using whole genome sequencing.
  • Studying the gene expression and regulation in soybean inbred, hybrid, and mutated soybean lines.


A bibliography of this group’s publications is attached.

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