Project abstract for group tolarj

Mechanisms of Pain and Itch in Epidermolysis bullosa

Chronic pain and itch are substantial obstacles for patients with the genetic skin disorder Epidermolysis bullosa. Basement membrane fragility in this condition leads to chronic wounds and inflammation that is accompanied by significant pain and itch sensations. Studies on wound healing and inflammatory pain in other conditions suggests that this state of inflammation can initiate pathological changes in the peripheral nervous system that lead to heightened sensitivity to pain and itch. This project utilizes immunohistochemical methods to characterize specific mechanisms of altered pain and itch sensation in Epidermolysis bullosa patients and relevant mouse models. In order to sufficiently quantify changes in the peripheral nervous system with immunofluorescence, the researchers are using the Imaris software provided by MSI to create three-dimensional, multi-channel image reconstructions. Confocal z-series are created using the FV500 confocal microscope that is part of the Masonic Cancer Center Shared Resources and transferred to Imaris at MSI for reconstruction and quantitation.