Project abstract for group vinals

Pattern Formation Outside of Thermodynamic Equilibrium

These researchers are using MSI for two projects:

  • Nematic suspensions: The researchers are studying many-particle effects in colloidal suspensions in which the matrix is a nematic fluid. These suspensions possess unique properties that derive from the order in the matrix. Of particular interest are the existence of complex topological defects in the medium that are required to satisfy boundary conditions on the suspended particles. The combined motion and transport of particles and defects create novel flow patters, responses to external forces, and open potentially novel control applications.
  • Block copolymer rheology: The researchers are developing a mesoscopic method (based on Brownian dynamics simulation techniques) to verify the applicability of earlier theories of response in modulated phases to block copolymer melts. Both a custom developed, parallel code, and the community developed code HOOMD-Blue are being used to investigate long-term entanglement dynamics of copolymer melts, and their coupling to long range diffusive and hydrodynamic modes in their lamellar phase (one dimensional solid).

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