Project abstract for group yuenda

Large-Scale Numerical Simulation and Visualization of Geophysical and Biological Fluid Dynamics

This research program addresses fundamental problems in both geophysics and biofluid dynamics. The research requires high-performance computing with large shared-memory architecture. Continuing projects include:

  • Three-dimensional mantle convection with multiple phase transitions using finite-volume higher-order local compact finite-differences
  • 2D and 3D tsunami wave modeling and earthquake wave propagation
  • Interactive visualization of 3D mantle convection and data-mining of geological and biomedical data with high dimensionality
  • High Rayleigh number thermal convection and thermal turbulence in extremely low Reynolds number flow, using boundary element methods with fast multipole-expansion
  • The Virtual Melanoma project, which will provide a modeling, simulation, and visualization platform that will assist in and speed up development of new cancer drugs with in hybrid with in vitro, in vivo, and clinical testings. The whole platform will be composed by five modules: modeling, computations, data analysis, experiments, and interface.

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