Project abstract for group yuenda

Large-Scale Numerical Simulation and Visualization of Geophysical and Biological Fluid Dynamics

This research program addresses fundamental problems in both geophysics and biofluid dynamics. The research requires high-performance computing with large shared-memory architecture. Continuing projects include: three-dimensional mantle convection with multiple phase transitions using finite-volume higher-order local compact finite-differences and radial-basis functions; 2D and 3D tsunami wave modeling and earthquake wave propagation; interactive visualization of three-dimensional mantle convection and data mining of geological and biomedical data with high dimensionality; and high Rayleigh number thermal convection and thermal turbulence in extremely low Reynolds number flow. In a new project, these researchers have embarked on the Virtual Melanoma Project, which will provide a modeling, simulation, and visualization platform that will assist in and speed up development of new cancer drugs with in vitro, in vivo, and clinical testing. The whole platform will comprise five modules: modeling, computations, data analysis, experiments, and interface. 

A bibliography of this group’s publications acknowledging MSI is attached.