Project abstract for group yuenda

Big Data and Geodynamics

This research program consists of several projects:

  • Big Data-driven geoscience.
  • Mobile vitual reality of Big Data scenarios.
  • Large-scale 3D numerical simulations of high-resolution 3D spherical convection applied to planetary dynamics of the earth and exoplanets.
  • Large-scale boundary element simulations of 3D two-phase flow in magmatic systems in the earth's mantle.

The codes used in these projects are written by the Yuen group themselves and hence they can be honed to obtain peak performance. These codes can be scaled to run on more than one thousand cores. The group is developing the first Big Data efforts in earth sciences. They will be using GPS and InSAR data from satellites to map out better the coefficients of the time-series of all of the stations being monitored. These numerical simulations of geodynamics will help in better understanding the dynamical impacts from second-order phase transitions in the earth's deep mantle and rheological stratification inside exo-solar planetary interiors. The researchers will also investigate the nature of two-phase flow in the earth's upper mantle using the high-resolution method of fast multipole transform.

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