Research Reports

MSI researchers are asked to submit citations for articles, papers, book chapters, and other publications supported in whole or in part by MSI resources (hardware, software, or user support). MSI should be acknowledged in such publications in the byline, the acknowledgements, or both. Examples of acknowledgements can be found on our FAQ page

Please submit the citations for your publications to MSI maintains bibliographies for all MSI Principal Investigators. These are used by the Allocation Committee when they are determining SU allocations and by MSI for reporting to the University’s administration about how many and what kinds of publications are associated with the use of MSI resources. They will also be used for selecting Fellows of the Supercomputing Institute.

Bibliographies for each group can be found attached to that group's project abstract page. The project abstract is linked by the Project Title on the individual PI page. The University of Minnesota Libraries also have various databases that can be used to find published works, including the Experts@Minnesota database.

If you have questions concerning research reports, please contact Tracey Bartlett at or 612-624-2330.