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The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute is a nexus for leading edge research and public-private collaborations. Given the breadth of research supported by the Institute, it is hard to overestimate the impact that MSI has on the University, the state of Minnesota, and the Nation.

image of earth with background of ones and zeroes

Satellite imagery has greatly advanced during the past years and has become widely used in many research areas.

drawings of repetitive volume elements in fabric

Functional, or “smart,” materials can be used for engineering applications in fields such as medical devices, rehabilitation, aerospace, and defense.

macrophage graphics generated by transcriptional profiling

Macrophages are important immune cells that detect and destroy invading cells.

Graphs showing composition of high-grade serous ovarian tumors at single-cell level

Several MSI PIs and RIS group staff members are working on a University of Minnesota Grand Challenge research project to

left: image of cars identified by AI; right: photo of robot peeling a strip of Velcro

Farming is an essential part of Minnesota’s economy, and the University of Minnesota has a long tradition of providing farmers with state-of-the-art technologies to increase productivity.

Florida panther in wilderness

In order to protect the health of their animals, it is critical for farmers to understand how infectious diseases spread.