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The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute is a nexus for leading edge research and public-private collaborations. Given the breadth of research supported by the Institute, it is hard to overestimate the impact that MSI has on the University, the state of Minnesota, and the Nation.

graphic showing workflows for proteogenomics Galaxy tool

Proteogenomics is a new tool for cancer research.

Nitrogen (N) fertilizers are widely used in agriculture worldwide, and their use is growing. One of the side effects of N fertilizers is that they release nitrous oxide (N2O).

simulations of two droplets falling with different initial conditions

Multiphase fluid flows involve more than one state of matter, such as gasoline sprayed into air, or two fluids of the same state with different properties, such as oil droplets suspended in water.

schematic of motor-clutch module attached to a cell body

Cells move, or migrate, across body tissues such as bone, brain, muscle, and fat. This migration is how wounds heal, for example. Unfortunately, it is also the mechanism by which cancer spreads.

Maps showing comparison of performance of two models, WRF-Chem and InMAP

Scientists studying air pollution use powerful computer models to simulate how various types of pollution spread in the atmosphere.

graphs showing plants invasion dynamics under different types of density dependence and dispersal

In order to control invasive species, we need to understand how their populations grow and spread.