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The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute is a nexus for leading edge research and public-private collaborations. Given the breadth of research supported by the Institute, it is hard to overestimate the impact that MSI has on the University, the state of Minnesota, and the Nation.

split screen of giant Miscanthus grass on the left, plots of relative importance values of landscape characteristics

The introduction of non-native plants to an ecosystem can cause damage, such as crowding out native species.

photo of wind turbines; computer graphics of air flow over turbine nacelle

As the use of wind energy increases, engineers are using computer modeling to optimize the design of wind farms.

images of virulence and colonization patterns of P. coronata f. sp. avenae

Oat crown rust is a serious disease that affects oat crops worldwide.

diagrams showing pathway-level genetic interaction models

Breast cancer is a leading cause of death for women. Researchers know that genetics play an important part in one’s chance of getting the disease, but there is still much that they don’t know.

schematic of filtration system and map of system locations

Despite years of attention, air pollution continues to be a major problem in many large cities throughout the world.

left photo shows lines of supercomputers, right photo is a closeup of a machine's screen

Over the past year, MSI has been increasing resources available to researchers working in machine learning fields.