2021 MSI Research Exhibition

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MSI held the 12th annual Research Exhibition on April 20, 2021. Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Research Exhibition was held as a virtual event, with two sections: presentations by representatives from industry, MSI, and Research Computing, and a poster session.

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PIER Group in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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Industry Presentations

Our industry collaborators gave talks about current and emerging technologies at their companies (see list below). MSI leadership talked about the past year at MSI and the new resources we’ll be activating in the next year, including the new HIPAA cluster Blackwell, the new supercomputing cluster Agate, and upgraded storage capabilities. Jim Wilgenbusch, Director of Research Computing, gave a presentation about funding opportunities from the University of Minnesota Informatics Institute.


DAOS and Optane: Breaking Through the High Performance Storage Bottleneck

Andrey Kudryavtsev


Using Schrodinger Applications for Research and Education

Abigail Emtage, Yamini Naidu


Storage That Supports Changing Research Needs

Adam Marko

Mike Begley

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Emerging Trends and Technologies in High Performance Compute

Bill Mannel

Poster Session

Posters by MSI users competed in one of two categories, Life Sciences and Engineering and Physical Sciences and Engineering. They were judged using the following criteria:

  • How much did using MSI contribute to the outcome of the research presented?
  • How well is the use of MSI and the research communicated on the poster?
  • How important is this science?

Thank you to the Poster Session judges!

Nick Dunn; MSI

Randall Victora; Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dylan Millet; Soil, Water, and Climate

Harry Orr; Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Jeff Shi; MSI

Life Sciences and Engineering

list of submitted posters

Grand Prize Winner (travel award of $2,000):

Dogpile: A Scalable Wrapper for Processing And Analyzing Canine Whole Genome Sequencing Data

Authors: Jonah Cullen, Steven Friedenberg

MSI PI: Steven Friedenberg, Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Finalists (travel awards of $1,000):

Classifying Taxonomy Presence in Metagenomic Data

Authors: Benjamin Hillmann, Dan Knights

MSI PI: Dan Knights, Computer Science and Engineering

Supercomputing at MSI and Use of PacBio Hifi Long Reads Enables Near Complete Haplotype Phase Genome Assembly of the Wheat Stem Rust Fungus

Authors: Radhika Bartaula, Pablo Olivera Firpo, Les J. Szabo, Yue Jin

MSI PI: Yue Jin, Plant Pathology

Physical Sciences and Engineering

list of submitted posters

Grand Prize Winner (travel award of $2,000):

Impact of Phase Noise on Magnon-based Parametric Excitations

Authors: Aneesh Venugopal, R.H. Victora

MSI PI: R.H. Victora, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Finalists (travel awards of $1,000):

Vestigial Nematicity in the Presence of Random Strain Disorder

Authors: W. Joe Meese, Thomas Vojta, Rafael Fernandes

MSI PI: Rafael Fernandes, Physics and Astronomy

Predicting the Observed Lyman Alpha Profiles in Green Pea Galaxies

Authors: Cody Carr, Claudia Scarlata, Jeremy Blaizot, Leo Michel-Dansac, Anne Verhamme, Alaina Henry

MSI PI: Claudia Scarlata, Physics and Astronomy


posted on April 28, 2021

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