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The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute is a nexus for leading edge research and public-private collaborations. Given the breadth of research supported by the Institute, it is hard to overestimate the impact that MSI has on the University, the state of Minnesota, and the Nation.

diagram of osteosarcoma phenotypes; Rottweiler dog

Osteosarcoma is a bone cancer that affects both humans and dogs. Researchers at the University of Minnesota, including MSI users, are studying this disease.

Finite-element meshes and representative networks in PC model

Researchers in biological sciences and medicine are using scientific computing in a number of exciting ways. One such is computer modeling of structures and organs of the human body.

ball-and-stick representations of molecules

Chemists are often interested in developing new catalysts that will improve the efficiency of chemical reactions. They can look to nature to provide examples when designing these new materials.

Galaxy flow chart

Galaxy is an open-source, web-accessible, integrated informatics solution for data-intensive research in biological and medical science.

microscopic images of biofilms

A major concern of medical treatment is that patients can develop infections, either from exposure to dangerous microbes while in the hospital, or because these organisms are introduced by medical

table and image showing experimental and theoretical intermolecular distances

Scientists who study the atmosphere have been interested in the behavior of sulfur compounds for many years.